Saturday, January 11, 2014

Long Run Randomness 7

Last pre M-Day long run is done!  10 miles this morning and nothing over 5 miles between now and the next 26.2 miles.  Kind of crazy to think about.
I am sorry rest of the Country, today is GORGEOUS in Houston.  You could not ask for a more beautiful day to get out of the house and take a run.  Unfortunately, I forgot my sunscreen.  Guess who has sports bra tan lines now...

When you are having trouble staying positive, buy a shirt that does it for you.
Also, look at my cool new runner gadget.  I used this earlier in the week when it was freezing (literally, it was in the low 20's--so I'm not even exagerating.  It was acutally freezing) and dark out.  I'm always complaining that I have to wait to start my runs until the sun is up because we don't have any sidewalks in my neighborhood and the roads are really dark, which tends to make me pretty late to work.  But, this baby's lights are really bright and it has multiple light settings, so I feel really safe out there.  Not to mention it keeps my ears nice and warm.  Of course, now it means I have no excuse for staying in bed as long as possible to avoid running. 
I skipped the Ramen Noodle today and I can't lie, it made me a little sad.  But, then I ate nearly an entire box of Vanilla Wafers (remember those??) and it made up for it.
Time to get my marathon mix set up.  I'm still open to suggestions...

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