Friday, January 17, 2014

If You Can't, You MUST

If you can't, you MUST!  
I think I'm going to have to call on this phrase more than once on Sunday.   I image that there will be at least one point in the race (likely somewhere between miles 19 and 21) when all I can think is, "I CAN'T DO THIS!  I cannot make it one more mile.  I cannot take one more step."  This is when I plan to make my next thought, "I must."
Life gives us "I can't do this" moments daily.  Some as small as "I can't get out of bed just yet, it's too cold and I'm all comfy in here."  Some as big as, "I can't get out of bed at all, life is too much to face."  However small or however huge your I can't is, the response should always be, "But, I must."  We can't let the can'ts win.  We have to push past them.  We have to conquer the can'ts.  Is it easy?  No.  I won't lie to you.  Sometimes our can'ts are really, really hard and facing them is equally challenging.  But, the glorious thing about life is the bigger the can't, the greater the reward when you do.
I can't face this day -- YOU MUST
I can't finish a marathon -- YOU MUST
I can't get out of this bad relationship -- YOU MUST
I can't make good enough grades to get into college--YOU MUST
I can't pursue my dream job -- YOU MUST
I can't get over him/her -- YOU MUST
I can't fight this disease -- YOU MUST
I can't ask for a promotion -- YOU MUST
I can't go on -- YOU MUST!!

Ps-- I'm not sure if you can see it, but there seems to be an ant on my head in the top picture.  If I can run with an ant on my head and not get bit, what can't I do??


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