Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Give and it Shall be Given

Came across this during my 20 mile run the other week:

I've written a lot about what it has meant to me to be able to run to raise money to fight the various diseases affecting my loved ones. By giving to charities that aim to find a cure for and to support those battling these diseases, I have been given a sense of empowerment against helpless situations. 

As you know, earlier in the year, I embarked on a weekly (okay, I have to admit several weeks got away from me, but I tried) donation program in an attempt to curb a certain bad habit I was battling. I can happily report that I've nearly won that battle. Sure, there are days that I am tempted to and do speak badly about myself. Habits, by definition, are hard to break. But, making these donations has been something I can take pride in and again, has provided me with a sense of empowerment. 

And every now and then, giving actually rewards you with physical and monetary rewards!  You may remember a month or so ago, I ran a virtual 5k to raise money to benefit those serving to provide aid to the Philippines after the typhoon hit. Well, look at what I received in return:
Yeah, that's a gift card to Olive Garden. I foresee several dates with the unlimited soup and salad bowls!  Let's not forget about those breadsticks. I love those breadsticks. I also received that cute black and white active band for participating. Like I said, give and it shall be given. 

So, during this season (and all year round), I encourage you to give to those in need. Find any charity or cause or group and give whatever you can. I promise you, you will receive for it. I can't promise you unlimited soup and salad, but I can promise that you will be rewarded.  

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