Sunday, December 15, 2013

It Finally Happened! Oh, and I Ran 20 Miles.

in which I talked about a certain gluttonous sweet treat that I was looking forward to trying after a long run one day? 

Well, it finally happened!  And it was fantastic in all of it's over-indulgent glory. 

Step one: Start with the two main ingredients (brown sugar/cinnamon is my flavor of choice).
Step two: Combine.
Step three: Enjoy!!
This picture is proof that I love and trust you.  No amount of filtering could change how long of a day it had been.
Oh, and I ran twenty miles yesterday.  Twenty miles!  It's the farthest that I will run in preparation for the marathon.  Some people go for more than twenty in their training, but the majority of programs that I have seen peak at twenty miles.  I think this is because if anyone knew how going farther than twenty would really feel, they'd immediately come to their senses and drop out of the race.  For that reason, twenty miles is enough for me!  It was actually a pretty good run.  Not my best, but not my worst.  I have one more twenty mile run before I start tapering for the race, so before I started, I decided to make this one about just putting in the mileage.  I will worry about speed in a couple of weeks when I run my next twenty miler.  Still, the speed wasn't bad.  And until the very end, I wasn't feeling any pain. Runs like this really help with my confidence.  I am finally starting to believe that I will be able to reach my goal come January 19. 
Runs like this also help with me have a clear conscience when devouring treats like the above.  Of course, I haven't moved much off the couch today and I'm considering a second ice cream sandwich right now...

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