Sunday, December 7, 2014


Seven facts about my eleven mile run this morning:

1.  I decided to take it nice and slow today. I've been pushing pace a lot lately and figured it was time to trust in my speed and just get the miles in. Thank you to my neighbors for reminding me to take it easy. 

2. Pretty sure this is illegal or something, but it still made me smile. 

3.  Anything over 10 miles requires some serious distraction for me. I love my marathon mix and all, but today's run called for a new audiobook. So far, it's pretty entertaining. Thank goodness the trail was relatively empty this morning, because I found myself laughing out loud. 

4.  I was overdressed again. It's December, so my brain tells me it's time to layer up. After three miles, my body tells me to stop listening to my stupid brain!  By the time it was over I had my shirt tied around my waist and my headband around my wrist and I was still hot. Tank tops in December... thanks Houston. 

I haven't had much sleep this weekend and damn, it shows!  Remember when we were young and could go without any sleep and still look fresh-faced and relaxed?

5.  The fence decorators are at it again. 'Tis the season. 

6.  Got two thumbs up today.  This one was the first: 
The second came from a passing bicyclist passing. As I ran, I heard from behind the usual, "On the left." But then as the cyclist passed me, he gave me a big thumbs up and yelled, "You're going great."  Thank you stranger. You reminded me why I love it on the long run with all of you other people. 

7.  And, the first rule of fight club is...

***Bonus pic: 
I have a very sweet husband. He may sleep through all of my long runs, but at least he knows how to feed me afterward. 

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