Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Day And Counting....

We are at one day and counting for the BCS Half Marathon. Actually, as I write this, it's 11 hours and counting. 

I woke up feeling really sore and tight this morning, so I spent about half and hour foam rolling and then another half hour stretching. I keep a yoga sequence saved on my tv for days like this, but this morning I wasn't feeling it, so I just searched YouTube for 'stretching for runners' and found a great video (do you still call them videos?!?  I guess "video" died along with Blockbuster stores, huh?). 

Pigeon Pose

After doing around-the-house chores for the rest of the morning, it was time to pack up for the race. Let me tell you, this is very stressful for a runner. The idea of getting all of the way out of town without my socks or Garmin or Lord-forbid, my shoes is terrifying. I must have ticked off my running list five times before finally deciding I had it all (please let me have it all!). 

We drove straight to the expo for packet pickup. Expos are always fun. I rarely buy anything, but I love looking. 

Luckily, I have an amazing friend from college who lives up here and she is letting us crash at her place (visit a long-time friend and have a free place to stay, this race weekend is already awesome!). She took us out for dinner tonight at Amico Nave and the pasta was AMAZING.  Of course it would have been better with wine...

Not my actual meal.  I ate mine way too quickly for there to be pictures.
And now it's all about the couch and bad Saturday TV movies. 

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