Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Runnin's Racin'

Fall is on it's way (I can tell by the incoming "cold" front this weekend with highs all the way down to the upper 80's). With Fall comes the start of Houston race season.  Training starts for the big races and small races start popping up everywhere.  I'm already feeling the racing itch.  I've got a 5k this weekend, a 10k later this month, and two half marathons in November and December.  I'm definitely ready to race.  And, that got me thinking...  Would I run without racing?  I think I would, just for the sake of running, but I really cannot imagine why I would ever give up racing.  After all, runnin' is racin.'

Okay, so that's not really what he said, but I will take any chance I can to reference Robert Duvall.

So, here is a list of why I race:
1.  Motivation - Let's face it, finding the motivation to get out there and run isn't always easy (have I mentioned that here before??).  Knowing you have a race coming up provides great motivation to lace up and go train.  Especially when you've already paid good money to participate and you know the results will be posted online for anyone to see. 
2.  It's a Test - If I'm going to be totally honest with you, and I am, I don't actually test my limits that often in running.  Sure, there are runs where I find myself on the edge and I have to push to keep going, but when you're running just to run, it's easy to let off the gas and slow down when you need to.  When I race, it's like the test of all of the work I have put in leading up to the race.  Racing is a way to see if my hard work is paying off.
3.  Medals - Medals are cool.  I don't know really what to do with them after the race, but there is no better feeling than walking around with one around your neck.
3.  Other Runners - Running, especially the way I do it (you know, alone), can be pretty solitary.  Races allow for the opportunity to do what you love doing with a bunch of people who also love it.  The facts are, we come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, etc., but we are all just alike in that we love to do this crazy thing called run.  And, it's fun to be around people that like the same thing you do.  Even if they do it a whole lot faster than you do...
4.  Free Stuff - Come on, who doesn't like free?  Race bags are full of free goodies, including t-shirts, coupons, food, and more.
5.  Karma - Registering for and fundraising through races are great ways to raise money for some pretty amazing causes.  I believe in putting a little good out there in order to get a little good back.  I have been able to fund raise for some causes that really mean a lot to me and it's meant even more to me to be able to do my part in making a difference in this world.  Sure, a $35 race registration isn't going to cure cancer, but every little bit counts.  The more you register for the more you raise and the more difference you can make.
6. Post-Race Parties - Post-race events are just fun.  Sometimes they even serve free beer!!

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