Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday Mashup

No big life lessons here.  Just a mashup of all my Monday randomness.

Monday's motivation looked like this:

Isn't it funny how all running lessons also apply to all aspects of real life?  I love that about running.

And then there was this:
Remember that wreck I told you about here?  Well, they totaled my car.  So, Monday morning I picked up this new beauty. 

I set out with the intention of 5 miles.  This is how it ended up:
I am the worst route planner.  I will have the greatest route all planned out in my head, only to realize once I'm in it that it's nowhere near the mileage I thought it was.  Last night, I ended up running circles around my house until it got too dark to finish.  On a side note - it's getting darker earlier.  I hate that!!  I know cooler temperatures are coming along with it, but I love my daylight well into the night.

On the run, I came across this totally normal and natural yard decoration:
Okay, so I have no idea what is going on with the doctor/patient bush animals, but I had fun for the next mile or two making up scenarios where this yard made any type of sense.

Post-run child's pose.  Although, I'm pretty sure taking selfies during child's pose is the exact antithesis of yoga's purpose.

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