Saturday, September 20, 2014

7 and 7

Seven totally random thoughts for seven long run miles. 

1. Seven miles isn't easy. It's shocking how quickly your mileage goes when you stop putting in those weekly long runs. I remember when, not so long ago, seven miles was an easy, after work run. Not the case right now. That's the thing about running though, the more you did it the better you'll get. 

Let's face it, this is what running really looks like.  At least when I do it.
2.  I forgot I was planning a long run for today and might have (read: totally did) accidentally shared a bottle or two of wine with my husband and dad last night. Oops!  Think I need to revisit this post...

3.  Stroller pushers.  Seriously??  How do you do it?  And two-seater stroller pushers, you must have super human parent strength. I am in awe. 

4.  Running couples. You people fascinate me. How is it that you both run instep so well together?  My husband and I went running together this morning. And by "went running together," what I really mean is that we drove to the same trail together, kissed each other goodbye, and took off in the same direction. That's the end of the togetherness for us. It takes about 45 seconds for Paul to pull so far ahead that I can't even see him on the horizon. This would be totally deflating for me if it weren't for the fact that I can out-miles him, even if he out-sprints me. 

5.  I am very thankful for public water fountains. And public restrooms. 

6. There are a lot of people in really great shape out there running. I can't tell you how many runners I saw this morning with their six packs hanging out. I was not one of them. 

7.  One of the best things about early morning long runs: two breakfasts!  One pre-run fuel (a piece of toast and Luna Bar) and a post-run indulgence!
Honestly, there may not be anything better in the world than an everything bagel after a long run.

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