Thursday, November 6, 2014


Please bear with me, this post might be a little unorganized.  I'm writing this blog in between bites of lunch at the office because well, you know, I'm busy as hell. 

I know I've mentioned to you that before my long runs, I often sit for a few minutes reading inspirational running quotes to help get me motivated to get out there running.  Well, the same is true for my every day.  Each morning, as soon as I turn on my computer, I spend a little time reading inspiring/motivational/calming quotes and then I pick one, print it, and hang it where I can see it all day long. 

Yesterday, I came across one that hit me like a ton of bricks.  As my girl Oprah says, it was an Aha moment! 


Here is the Aha:
Busy isn't best. There is no prize for busiest. The person who drives themselves into the ground in the name of being busy does not win. 

Let's all stop for a minute and take that in......We need to stop the glorification of being busy. We must accept that how busy you are does not correlate with how good you are.. Being busy just means that you are busy. Nothing more.  Being busy doesn't mean that you are effective or productive or happy. Being busy means that your days are full, but it doesn't mean that you are fulfilled by your day.

Okay, now that we've taken it all in and we understand busy isn't where we want to be, let's stop beating ourselves up about taking time to just BE. Let's all vow to get more comfortable with allowing ourselves time to rest and recover and rejoice.  Let's agree to give ourselves and each other a break from the busy,

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