Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Real Life - this might be harder than I thought

Just one day ago I committed to write to you every single day for the month of November. Yet, here I am, 24-ish hours later admitting to you that this is going to be hard.  Very hard.
See, here is the thing:  I have a real life.  And that real life is full and hard and consuming.  It's 23 of the 24 hours (at least) of my day.  It is non-stop, here it comes, duck if you can (but I never can), real life.  Not that this blog isn't part of my real life. It is.   I love this blog and I have promised to you many times that I will always it real here, but that doesn't keep the real life and real important life stuff from coming at me full speed.  Stupid real life doesn't realize that I've taken on the NaBloPoMo challenge.  Stupid real life doesn't care that it's hard to be creative or witty or well presented every day.  It doesn't care if I would  really rather sit and write than face it.  Real life is going to come at me ninety miles an hour no matter what I planned and committed to.
So this is today's update.  I had another post all planned out in my head, but I just can't write it.  I'm sorry that this isn't longer or funnier or more inspiring.  But, it is honest. It's as honest as I can be.  Things aren't always easy.  In fact, things are usually anything but easy.  Life can't always be presented in a cute, lots of pictures, easy-to-read manner.  Sometimes all you can do is the very bare minimum.  Sometimes all you can do is  get by.  But guess what....barely getting by is still getting by.   Life requires nothing more of us than to get by.  I wish I could give you more, but today it's all about just getting by.

***Edited, after a night of sleep, to add that I am okay.  I know people are going to wonder about my sanity with the above post.  I was just having a moment where all of the must do's and the want to do's and the should do's all collided on me at once.  And when moments like that happen they can tend to make me overwhelmed, dramatic, and a little whiny.  Unfortunately for me, when you hit publish, those moments get sent out into the world for everyone to see. 

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