Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Run

Today is the day that we should pay thanks to all of the Veterans who have served, not only to protect our freedoms and our country, but to protect the freedoms and rights and safety of people all over the world.  Veterans were/are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for people they have never and will never meet.  Today we thank them for that. 
And what's the best way we runners know how to show our appreciation?  We run!  I am so sorry I am so late getting this out, but I just came across it and I think you can still register to run/volunteer on race day (today).  Below is a link to the National Veterans Day Races all over the country.  If your town isn't listed here, try checking your local race calendar for other similar runs.

Also, I think this video about sums it up.  Thank you marathoners for reminding us who it is that really deserves the cheering.


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