Saturday, November 8, 2014

Long Run Randomness 9 - Saturday Seven

You know, I think if there was a marathon designed for people who run about half a mile, stop and take a picture, take off for another half a mile, then stop and take another picture, and so on, I would probably win that race.  One day It might be a good idea to try running my long runs non-stop. You know, kind of like a race, considering I am training for a non-stop race.  But, what fun would that be?  And how boring for you?  You'd have to hear all about pace and form and real runner stuff.  Luckily for you, I spent this Saturday seven stopping along the way.

I took a trail that I really rarely take because, frankly, it feels a little lonely to me.  But then what happens?  I run into two of my favorite runner friends (and their adorable baby girl, but she wasn't in the selfie mood)!  You might remember Michael, he ran the Houston Marathon with me back in January.  It is good for the soul to see runner friends on the road.  Even if they are more disciplined and don't want to stop and chit chat forever (they obviously don't ascribe to my stop every half mile training plan--they are smart).

My neighborhood is kind of known for the curb painting, but this one is just cracked me up. 

Guys, this is totally unacceptable. I am still eating Halloween candy. In fact, we still have Halloween decorations up.  These people are clearly overachievers. I have (for self-preservation reasons) chosen to believe that this sign and these lights are leftover from last Christmas. 

Seriously, no Christmas lights when Pumpkins are still out. 

This trail is actually pretty scenic (for being inside the City and if you call old tires in the bayou scenic) and I got to see some cool looking cranes. But cranes aren't very willing subjects, so all you get is this lousy picture. 

Seven miles at this pace. I'm pretty happy with today's run. There is still some work to be done if I want to maintain/improve this pace for my next half marathon in five weeks. But, I'm ready for that and happy with where I am right now. And isn't that what it's all about? 

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