Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Do It

Today's long (okay, it wasn't long.  It was very short) run lesson comes in the form of a Nike slogan.

I was not in the mood to 'just do it' this morning.  I was up, as usual, in the very early morning hours and I made it to my 6:00 a.m., Bar Method class, but after that I was just not in in the mood to run.  My training program said I needed to do a quick 5k run, but my legs said, "B%tch, please."  So, I did what any sane runner would do.  I drove to the gym and sat in the parking lot with my car running for half an hour just texting with anyone who would respond at such an early hour, hoping that I'd suddenly find the motivation to get running.  I even sent out this tweet as I waited:

I'm not sure I ever really found the motivation to go in.  Mostly, I was shamed into going in because someone pulled into a spot next to mine and I felt kind of silly just sitting in a gym parking lot with the car running, so I eventually made my way out of the car.  And lo and behold, guess what wonderful treat was inside waiting for me...

That's right, rows and rows of fancy-shmancy new treadmills!  I was so excited to jump on a brand new treadmill, I completely forgot about my lack of motivation.  It was great being able to watch/listen to any TV show I wanted and feel the smooth, unused, tread beneath my feet (sorry 24 Hr. Fitness, your old treadmills had gotten plain ol' sad).

So, here is the lesson:  Just do it.  You'll always be rewarded for it. 

Your reward may not come in the shape of a new treadmill (those things are big and expensive).  It may be small and it may be subtle, but there will be a reward waiting for you.  It may be the self-satisfaction of doing something harder than you felt you could do.  It may be the cookies you get to treat yourself with after the run (or is that just me?).  It may be a friendly smile and wave from another runner.  It may be getting to see a beautiful sunrise as you run down the path.  The point is, I don't know exactly what your reward will be, but I do know it will be there waiting for you.  So, get out of that running car and JUST DO IT.

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