Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Runner Problems

There are certain problems that only runners face. I happened to face three of them today. 

1.  You didn't have time for a run in the morning, but this is the afternoon forecast:

2.  When you go get your hair cut and styled (and I mean styled  as in that super awesome way that can only be done at the salon and never duplicated by you at home)

Only to have it look like this an hour later because you still had a run to squeeze in:

3. Any shoes that aren't running shoes!  Why?!?!?  


  1. This Houston weather has been interfering with my training plan lately too! I've trained for the BCS half twice and both times I couldn't run because I injured myself (my right knee starts to give me trouble at 5+ miles). This time I am FINALLY going to do one on Dec. 7th and although I've had a little knee pain as I have gotten up in mileage, I feel good to hit my 9m mark this weekend for the first time ever! This is where I need your advice-- I feel better weight training at least 2x a week which I think has contributed to less knee pain. Do you recommend weight training while training for endurance runs? I've noticed some plans only include cross training and would love to hear about your experience!

    1. Carly,
      First, I'll be running the BCS race on December 7th too! Good luck on your 9. I think it will be perfect weather for a long run.
      Okay, to answer your question, I STRONGLY recommend strength training while you marathon train. I once had sever knee pain issues (makes me sick just thinking of it) and it turned out the cause was a significantly underdeveloped muscle surrounding my knee. Not-so-fun fact: this is very common among women. Since those knee issues, I have made sure to do some form of strength training (especially in my thigh area) at least three times a week. Personally, I am a bigger fan of using my own body weight to strength train, but the point is to build your muscles (as long as you do it carefully). Since I haven't seen your exact training program, this is just a general suggestion, but I would totally replace one of the cross training days with a strength training day and then add strength training to another cross training. I usually avoid strength training the day before my long run (makes me legs feel heavy), but that is just my preference. Oh, and do you foam roll? I cannot tell you what a difference rolling has made for my knees.

  2. This is all such great advice. Thank you! My run yesterday was beautiful along with White Oak Bayou and I found that my knees were pretty tight when I would stop for a minute to or two cross streets. Overall, everything felt good though! I am still struggling to find the exact strength routine that targets all of the areas that seem to trouble me...especially my hips. I am going to up strength another day and stick to mostly body weight exercises. Oh and I love my foam roller!!! It helped me a lot last night :). I really appreciate you getting back to me!

  3. I run that trail often, which I'm sure you've guessed from many of my photos. Did you know they are extending it so that the Buffalo Bayou trail and the White Oak Bayou will connect? Stick to the strength training. It take a long time to build muscle (I wish it was an overnight process), so seeing results takes time, but I promise you it will be worth it.